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It has more than 100 years since the Water Purification Plant No. 1 at the Ttukdo water reservoir was established at the Ttukseom region as the first of the water purification plants ever built in Korea.

American companies C.H. Collbran and H.R. Bostwick received the patent rights on construction and management of water supply system from King Gojong of Korea on December 9, 1903. This patent right was assigned to Korean Water Works Co. in August 1905 and the Korean Water Works Co. commenced in early August 1906 and completed in August 1908 the construction of Water Purification Plant No. 1 at the Ttukdo Water Reservoir. Supply of 12,500m3 of purified tap water produced by slow filtration format to 125,000 residents in the general areas within the 4 major gates of Seoul and in Yongsan area on September 1, 1908 was the starting point of the modern history of water supply system in Korea.

Currently, portion of the Ttukdo Water Purification Plant has been converted into Ttukdo Arisu Water Purification Center and is supplying daily average of 400,000m3 of purified water to more than 1.16 million residents of Seoul with facility with total daily capacity of 750,000m3, and portion has been turned into Water Works Museum to be utilized as venue of experience learning.

The Water Works Museum introduces the history of supply of clean and safe potable water in the Seoul City from the first construction of Water Purification Plant in 1908 until now. In addition, the Museum introduces the growth and advancement of cultures and technologies related to water supply system until now. The Museum offers visitors the opportunity to acquire direct and indirect experiences on water that gives birth to life through adoption of audio-visual exhibition media.

We hope that Water Works Museum will be utilized widely by all the clients of and all those who are concerned about and love the water supply system in our city. We invite you to broaden your understanding on the history of water supply system and try the refreshing and tasteful Arisu by visiting the Museum.

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